Sarah has spent the last decade of her life serving the Rochester area. After a many year battle against the disease of addiction, Sarah found a home in the recovery community of Rochester. Always looking for ways to serve her community, you may have seen Sarah brewing coffee at your neighborhood coffee shop, serving lunch at the Salvation Army or welcoming you for an appointment at Serenity Couture. Referred to lovingly as ‘Sarah Smiles’; if you’ve met her, she has surely put a smile on your face. Sarah has served on various community boards, using her voice and lived experiences to offer invaluable perspective on how to best help those still struggling. An active member in 12 step recovery, Sarah has spent many years sponsoring other women on the journey to sobriety.

In her spare time Sarah loves to travel the world and spend time with friends, family and her trusty dog Mr. Mosley. She traveled solo for many years through Central America and the Caribbean, and enjoyed living deep in the Costa Rican rainforest! Nowadays she keeps her bags packed, and enjoys sharing her love for the beach with her husband Rick.