thank youWe could not do this work without the support of our community partners. The following organizations, agencies, and businesses have provided the financial support that makes this work possible. In addition to operating support, which keeps the lights on and the phones working, these generous funding partners have also supported Recovery On a Mission (ROAM), Deepening our Roots including the St. Mary’s Emergency Department, Re-Entry, and Strong Start Housing. See below for more details about these programs.

2022-2023 Funding Partners

Astrup Family Foundation (Operations)
Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation (Strong Start Housing)
Doc’s Recovery House (Rally for Recovery/Operations)
Mayo Clinic – Community Contributions (Roots/Emergency Department)
Minnesota Department of Human Services (ROAM, Roots, Rally for Recovery/Operations)
Mower County (Peer Support and Operations in Mower County)
NUWAY (Rally for Recovery/Operations)
Olmsted Medical Center
Otto Bremer Trust (Operations)
Powers Ventures (Rally for Recovery/Operations)
Rochester Area Foundation (Roots)
Rochester Chevrolet (Rally for Recovery/Operations)
Stenson Family Foundation (Operations)
The Hormel Foundation (ROAM in Mower County)
Think Bank (Operations)
United Way of Dodge County (ROAM in Dodge County)
United Way of Mower County (ROAM in Mower County)
United Way Olmsted County (ROAM in Olmsted County)
West Bank (Rally for Recovery/Operations)

Our Programs
Recovery On a Mission (“ROAM”) brings vital Peer support to Dodge, Mower, and Olmsted Counties.

Deepening Our Roots (“the Roots program”) is building new resources, including life skills, workforce development, intercultural connections, and exploring many pathways to recovery across southeastern Minnesota with a focus on the Rochester area.

As part of Roots, our Emergency Department Program is possible through our partnership with the Mayo Clinic’s Emergency Department at St. Mary’s. This program ensures individuals in crisis receive immediate substance use disorder support, guiding them toward recovery.

Our Re-Entry Program is in partnership with the Minnesota Recovery Connection and several other Recovery Community Organizations. We provide support for people who are formerly incarcerated and justice involved.

Strong Start Housing provides rental assistance to low-income people seeking recovery from substance use disorders who are in our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program and are working with one of our Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists.