Come to Dinner

Dinner with community friends, bringing dialogue to the table, so we can tell the story…

Chicago dinners, inspired by the belief that if informal conversations around a table with small groups, community leaders and community businesses are started then we bridge what once was our divide and is a vital step to interact with those we considered different from ourselves.

Chicago Dinners provide an opportunity to sit down with people who do not look or live like us. These occasions at the table offer open discussion and honest talk in situations that may have once been a barrier preventing conversation. Chicago Dinners bring groups of people together to encourage community discussions about critical subjects such as substance abuse challenges, medication assisted treatment, mental health issues, cultural diversity and race. These can be tough subjects we find difficult to speak about because of the stigma attached to the topic, when this occurs it is usually due to misinformation, misunderstanding or lack of knowledge.

If you are interested in becoming a guest at the table, please contact us.