Speak Out

Recovery Is Happening advocacy efforts will educate and provide information about substance use challenges and recovery for policy makers and our community. We want our legislatures and community leaders to make informed decisions about Minnesotan’s who need access to health care and funding for prevention, treatment and recovery support services.

Advocacy Priorities:

Imbedded Peer Support Services

Reduction of Opiate Overdose Deaths in Southeastern Minnesota

Criminal Justice Reform

Minnesota Applications for Expungement and Pardons for Drug Related Convictions

Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act (CARA)

Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA)

Partnering with the “Coalition of Recovery Investment” (CORI)

Recovery voices will impact the decisions about proposed Bills, funding cuts, and raise awareness that every dollar spent on Substance Use Services has personal benefit to citizens of Minnesota in need of help. As we increase our advocacy efforts and support we will continue to reduce the barriers that many people seeking recovery face.