Voter Registration

Recovery Voices Count!

As addiction treatment providers, individuals in recovery, and voters, we believe the most important discussion in this election ought to be about addressing our nation’s response and approach to substance use challenges. Twenty-two million Americans now struggle with addiction, another twenty-three million are living in recovery, and each year, we lose 135,000 lives. The Center for Disease Control has declared opiate addiction an epidemic.

The Recovery Voices Count, a non-partisan civic engagement campaign to rally people in recovery to register to vote. Provide education to recovery community on candidates and issues of importance to the recovery community.

Online Voter Registration

Did you know that in Minnesota you can register to vote online?

Check Your Registration

Wondering if you’re already registered to vote, or if your registration needs to be updated? Find out here.

Know Your Ballet

Do you know what will be on your ballot? Do you know where to vote? To be prepared for Election Day, check the Elections & Voting website of the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State to answer any election questions.

It’s very important that supporters of the recovery community show up to VOTE  Not only for a presidential election, but there are also important state and local offices to be decided – like judges, school district offices.

Guide for registering to vote from the Office of the MN Secretary of State:

Register Online

It’s quick and easy! You will need your Minnesota driver’s license or Minnesota identification card number, or the last four numbers of your Social Security number.

Register on Paper

Download and print forms in English and other languages. Use these forms to register yourself or to register others in a voter registration drive.

Register On Election Day

You can register or update your registration at your polling place on Election Day. You will need proof of residence to register.