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Event Series Sane Recovery

Sane Recovery

Recovery Is Happening 25 16th Street Northeast, Rochester, MN, United States

In this beautifully written recovery handbook, New York Times best-selling author Marya Hornbacher applies the wisdom earned from her struggle with a severe mental illness and addiction to offer an honest and illuminating examination of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous for those with co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders. Relaying her recovery experiences, and those of the people with whom she has shared her journey, Hornbacher guides readers through the maze of special issues that make working each Step a unique challenge for those with co-occurring disorders. She addresses the difficulty that many with a mental illness have with finding support in a recovery

Event Series SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery

Recovery Is Happening 25 16th Street Northeast, Rochester, MN, United States

SMART Recovery’s 4-Point Program is the organization’s flagship secular program serving those with an addictive behavior, including both substance and activity/process addictions. Trained volunteer facilitators lead effective mutual support group discussions on these topics: Building and maintaining motivation Coping with urges and cravings Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors Living a balanced life Related tools consistent with evidence-based motivational and cognitive behavioral theories are also offered and discussed. Specific audiences: All Welcome Anyone fitting the purpose of the above program is welcome to join the meeting. Please read the program description to make sure it's the right meeting for you. Languages spoken: English

Event Series Women In Recovery Bible Study

Women In Recovery Bible Study

Doc's Recovery House 1821 Restoration Rd SW, Rochester, MN, United States

This meeting is a look at the 12 steps and the 12 traditions of RECOVERY through the Bible We Have Great Hope For the power we need to recover comes from the GREATEST of healers, Jesus Christ


Joe & Charlie listening (and discussion) group


Big Book Listening and Discussion Group Tuesdays at 11am on Zoom Join us as we listen to 15-30 minutes of a recording* of two alcoholics named Joe and Charlie talking about the program of recovery found in the book called Alcoholics Anonymous; we then discuss what we've heard. The recordings are available for free online in many places (click here: we encourage listening to the recordings from the beginning, though dropping in at any point in the series is fne! This is an open group, not limited to alcoholics, though our the recordings and discussion relate to the Big Book and recovery from alcoholism

12 Promises Open Weekly Meetings

Peace United Church of Christ 1503 2nd AVE NE, Rochester, MN, United States

Codependents Anonymous Meeting featuring the Twelve Promises.

Yoga & a Meeting

United Redeemer Lutheran Church 560 West 3rd Street, Zumbrota, MN, United States

Bring your yoga mat and an open mind!

SANE Recovery

Recovery Is Happening 25 16th Street Northeast, Rochester, MN, United States

Weekly recovery book study hangout! We explore Marya Hornbacher's Sane: Mental Illness, Addiction, and the 12 Steps.

Event Series Soul Recovery (Women’s Meeting)

Soul Recovery (Women’s Meeting)

Recovery Is Happening 25 16th Street Northeast, Rochester, MN, United States

Soul Recovery: 12 Keys to Healing Dependence The 12 Steps for the Rest of Us — a Path to Wholeness, Serenity, and Success Soul Recovery takes the essence of the 12-Steps and incorporates widely-accepted spiritual practices with a deeply compassionate approach: The Loving Release of Outmoded Identifications Taking a Deep Developmental Personal Inventory Acknowledgment of Unhealthy Patterns and “Core Wounds” An Acceptance and Forgiveness for Oneself and Others Amends Outreach Strategies Designing an Ongoing Spiritual Practice for Living In Wholeness


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