Parent Recovery Liaison

Parent Recovery Liaison (PRL) are parents (mothers and fathers) who have first-hand experience with the Chemical Health, Criminal Justice and Child Welfare systems.  Who have exhibited exceptional qualities in their own efforts to develop viable recovery and permanency plans for their children, an understanding of how the Chemical Health, Criminal Justice, and Child Welfare system works.  With their personal experience, they show an appreciation of what it takes to be successful, and personal qualities that lend themselves to collaboration on various levels.

Parent Recovery Liaison: are life-trained paraprofessionals who have successfully negotiated systems. These parents can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in two ways:

  • As parent advocates the PRL will mentor parents currently involved in the system. It is expected that PRL’s will attend meetings as a supportive voice for the family, and/or
  • As parent leaders the PRL will act as the “parent’s voice” as participants on various committees and workgroups. Although the two functions are separate and distinct, it is expected that some PRL’s will serve in both capacities.

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Parent Recovery Liason

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