Recovery Is Happening has been providing Telephone Recovery Support (TRS) calls to individuals that are in or seeking recovery from substance use challenges since 2014. TRS is an innovative, peer-to-peer support service. Staff and trained volunteers that are in recovery themselves, make weekly calls to “check in” on their recovery. Recoverees are offered support; encouragement and information about resources that may help them seek or maintain their recovery.

The value in TRS helps people stay in recovery. A phone call or a left voicemail reminds them that someone cares. The beauty in this work is that the individual making the calls can share in joys and sorrows, triumphs and setbacks which in return enhances their own personal recovery. They have the satisfaction of giving back, of making a difference.

The impact on our state has been profound. Our weekly calls help people maintain their recovery and get them back on track if a relapse occurs. Sobriety does not determine our services.  We choose not to dismiss those who are still often continuing to struggle with active addiction. We keep calling them and checking in with them, to see if they want or need our help.