Telephone Recovery Support Training

What is Telephone Recovery Support?

RIH’s Telephone Recovery Support program is a peer-to-peer recovery support program that allows recovering people a way to give back, strengthen their own recovery, and support others who are seeking recovery. Through this program, trained RIH Volunteers call individuals seeking recovery who have requested this service to ask how their recovery is progressing and to connect them to the resources they need to achieve and maintain recovery.

Telephone Recovery Support-Volunteer Service Description

What We Look For In Our Volunteers:

1. People who have who have been in recovery for approximately six months or longer

2. People who want an opportunity to support others in their recovery

3. People looking for a fun, flexible, supportive place to volunteer for about an hour a week

What is Telephone Recovery Support?

Registration Required. For more information, or to register, please contact Recovery Is Happening at 507-218-4773 or email

Telephone Recovery Support Volunteer Training Pre-Training Assignments and Volunteer Handbook